Torsten Tomas
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Machines of Kali
The E-Book Thriller

The Military has built a frightening new weapon. Unstoppable and relentless, it can deliver death to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Now, it is operational.

But not by us. Somewhere, someone has seized control of the weapon, and they are using it for their own lethal purposes. They must be hunted down and captured before their wave of homicidal brutality spirals into a disaster of global proportions.

During this hunt, four different individuals are pulled into the crucible.

Detective Carlos Rios is the king of the streets. From his glory days as a city sports champion to his current perch at the pinnacle of law enforcement, he bestrides his world like a Colossus. Yet, deep within his heart, he is haunted by faceless phantoms of his own making. In his quest to solve two heinous murders, he must first confront these phantoms who threaten to destroy him and everything he holds dear.

The beautiful scientist Robin Anderson was once a rock star. Now, she designs the most advanced weapons on the planet. From her squalid childhood in the backwoods swamps to her prominent position in the nation's capital, she has served only one master: her own art. In her quest to stop the weapon that she designed, it will require all of her strength to overcome the forces arrayed against her. If only she can recognize what they are.

The high schooler Pablo Garcia survives in one of the city's roughest neighborhoods. An invisible weakling bullied by other students and targeted by the local thugs, his only advantages are his precocious mind and his hidden passions. Then, one day, chance delivers to him a package of unimaginable power. Will he rise to the challenge, or will he fail with catastrophic consequences?

As these three struggle with their own inner demons, they will be drawn into the twisted and violent world of Zahir Marata. Already a legend in the world of international espionage and cutting-edge technology, Zahir harbors a dark secret of his own. He is a modern-day worshipper of the ancient death-goddess, Kali. In his plot to seize control of the world's most dangerous weapon, he will sweep into their lives like a cyclone. Manifesting the evil within their hearts, his alien mysticism of murder and mayhem will drive them all to the edge of madness and beyond.