Torsten Tomas
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Machines of Kali
The E-Book Thriller!

Machines of Kali is a detective mystery, wrapped in a technothriller, inside a psychodrama...

A page-turner of epic proportions, the E-Book thriller chronicles a week in the life of four desperados racing toward catastrophe!

Readers Rave!

"... a tale of action, intrigue and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final tumultuous climax of this first class thriller. ... If you like thrillers written for people with a brain, then you are going to love this novel." more

"...It's like watching a movie, but in book form. And better. ... I would recommend this not only to people who like mysteries and science fiction elements, but to anyone." more

"...Torsten Tomas likes his goodies twisted and his baddies psychopathic. As the former chase the latter, the action flags only for the most lurid descriptions of various characters' demises." more

"... It's complex and intense, both hyper-real and startlingly original. ... Mr. Tomas's slavish dedication to tying together multiple storylines gripped my attention, and the constant plot twists and fast pacing propelled the story at breakneck speed to the very end." more